ComeonDaisy Daisy tries to stay with Mamma Duck, but there is just so much she wants to look at and play with. Suddenly, she is all alone…

A simple but universal idea, fabulously illustrated.” – Come On, Daisy / Sunday Telegraph

“A neat plot, a playful text and sensuous visual effects.” – Come On, Daisy/ Times Educational Supplement

“Short, simple text combined with brightly coloured, sunny illustrations make this a perfect book for toddlers and younger children. There’s a useful lesson there for young wanderers too.” — Come On, Daisy/ Mad about Books

Here’s a link to some Daisy activity sheets




  <<< Click here to buy original Come On Daisy artwork.

1999 Daisy and the Egg. Daisy helps Auntie to look after Mamma’s egg. Something’s inside, what could it be?

“This book is full of luminous colour, strong shapes, and real spirit.” – Daisy and the Egg / Independent

“The illustrations are gorgeous, and Daisy’s concern for the egg is very touching.” – Daisy and the Egg/ Practical Parenting

“Exuberant illustrations and sensitive text.” – Daisy and the Egg/ Bookseller

“Simmons speaks straight to her audience through her dynamic yet affectionate pictures.” “Delightfully appealing.” – Daisy and the Egg/ Books for Keeps

2000 Daisy and the Beastie. There’s a Beastie lurking in Grandpa’s farm. Daisy and Pip search high and low, but do they find it?.

“Anything but boring. Jane Simmons, already a deserved award-winner, is just so funny. Everyone will surely be taken by her Daisy, the duck with outsized feet and too much curiosity.” Daisy and the Beastie/ The Independent. 

   2002 Shout Daisy Shout!

“With her signature sweeping brush strokes and wider range of colours, Simmons manages to convey both anxiety and calmness with her paintbrush alone.”  Shout Daisy Shout/Financial Times

2004 Daisy and the Moon. Daisy can’t sleep, but it’s a bright moonlit night when things flutter and squeak.

“Daisy is an inspired creation.” Daisy and the Moon / Independent

  2006 Daisy to the Rescue.

“Jane Simmons’s illustrations are so sumptuous, and the colours so tempting, that one might almost be looking at someone’s dream. Children will be enchanted by this adventure.” Daisy to the Rescue/The Guardian 



Brought to life in five 3D scenes. The carousel opens out into a full circle, packed with Daisy’s adventures throughout the day. When it’s time for Daisy and Pip to have their tea and a bedtime story, they are so busy having fun that Mamma Duck has difficulty getting them home. But by the time Daisy and Pip are snuggled under Mamma’s wing they are so tired out after their long day that they don’t even hear her say “goodnight”.

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  1. nikki swift

    Hi, I live in Australia and have been trying to get copies of Come on Daisy, Daisy and the Egg, Daisy and the Beastie and Daisy and the moon. I read these to my daughter hundreds of times when she was little and they were her favourite books. The books have become lost and I would love to get them for her for her 16th Birthday. I have been told they are out of print. Are there any reprints planning on being released in the future??

    1. janesimmons Post author

      I’m so glad your daughter enjoyed my books.
      A special edition of Come On Daisy is now available to celebrate her 15th birthday, as a paperback and an ebook.

    1. janesimmons Post author

      Hi Donna, my publishers are relaunching the daisy books next year and I can only hope they issue the Daisy plush again. Nothing definitive yet, but fingers crossed!

      1. Catherine

        I hope you do make more Daisy’s!!! My class of 2 1/2-year olds in Wisconsin LOVE her! We are called the Puddle Ducks and she is our special friend!

  2. Andrew Leask

    Another vote for releasing the book and small toy pack again! Our youngest (Pip – just like Daisy’s little friend) has had one since birth and after twelve years is a little the worse for wear. Dad accidentally putting Daisy through the washing machine this morning didn’t help either.

      1. Paula Beck

        I was convinced I’d seen the pack with Come on Daisy and the soft toy recently in shops, but now I want to buy one I can’t find it anywhere. My nearly 14 year old has a very worse for wear Daisy, she has been a favourite since he was a baby, and I’d like to buy one for my new niece named Daisy. I hope they are re-released soon. It is such a great story and toy!

  3. Joy

    My daughter is 11 months old and we found your books at the library many months ago and have been reading them over and over. I have them memorized and she recognizes your poem-like verses and smiles at me whenever I say them throughout the day. She absolutely LOVES Daisy!!! I have a little fabric ducky that looks a little like her and I call her Daisy, and she carries it around :). I really want to buy her the “Go to Sleep Daisy” and the “Daisy says Coo” books, her favorites, but I did not see them at Wal-mart. Are they still being sold at bookstores or do I need to find used ones?

    1. janesimmons Post author

      It is great to hear your daughter loves my Daisy books. Come on Daisy is celebrating her 15th birthday in January with a paperback reprint, hopefully more of the series will follow suit. Meanwhile, if you follow the Amazon link under ‘my books for sale’, you’ll find used ones available.

  4. Melinda Phillips

    Hi Jane, I was wondering if there is any new on the release of your Daisy books. I have named my 4 year old daughter, after my grandmother Daisy….So that being said, my daughter, Daisy and I collect any book with her name on it. Also I read a previous post there were plush “Daisy” I would absolutely LOVE one!!!!

  5. Nicola Channer

    I run a small pre-school for children 2-5 years and this term is all about books. I would like to do some activities concentrating on the Daisy books. Is there anywhere I could get some more ideas.

  6. Carolyn

    Hi Jane,
    Any more news on Daisy plush making an appearance this year?!?
    I have an original big plush Daisy I bought many years ago that my 21month old absolutely adores. She took it on a play date to her friend Angus’s house yesterday and he was very taken with Daisy, so much so that there were tears when it came time to say goodbye to Daisy. I’d love to surprise Angus with a Daisy of his own… I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that your publishers relaunch, it would make one gorgeous little boy extremely happy 🙂

  7. Helen

    My daughter goes to nursery school,and they have a Daisy Duck plush toy and the come on daisy book and every Friday it goes home with a different child! My daughter had it a few weeks ago and really fell in love with it. I’ve looked and looked everywhere for one but can’t find one anywhere! My daughter is very sad about it and keeps asking for one. Do u know if they are available anywhere or if they are being relaunched anytime soon please? Would love to make my daughters day by getting her one x

    1. Catherine

      I do the same thing with my little class of 2 1/2-year olds. The Daisy books are our favorites! I am hoping there will be another plush released-mine is getting kind of threadbare!

  8. mr steve brereton

    Hi i would love to know if you will be relaunching daisy soft toy as my daughter would love one we have looked everywhere and can’t find one anywhere please help a sad little girl and let me know if you are thinking of doing so many thanks Mr steve Brereton

      1. Beverly

        I so hope they release the plush toy because my grandson loves my daughter and we might have a problem if he loses it.

  9. Sarah

    My grandmother had read me the Daisy books from a very young age. I fell in love with Daisy! I absolutely love Come Along Daisy. At the age of 13, I still own two plush versions of Daisy and refuse to give up my books!

  10. Sayaka

    Hi Jane,
    From the time my mother bought me a Daisy book + plush set through my school book order, I’ve been in love with your Daisy series. The Daisy plush duck has been with me from elementary school, and now she’s with me in university where I pursue my studies. Thank you so much, and I hope the plush duck comes back in stores again so I can buy one for my little brother. From Japan

  11. Carol

    Hi Jane, 16 years ago I bought daisy books and plush doll for my daughter. We read her those books endlessly. She had daisy glued to her every day and slept with her every night. She still has daisy with her in her room. We always thought your daisy books were precious.
    Now that I have a niece I would like to get the set for her as well as the daisy doll. Any news of it being sold again?

  12. Elizabeth

    We, too, would love to have a new Daisy plush. Hope that they will consider producing these again soon. My 9 year old son who has sports posters all over his room still sleeps every night with his best friend Daisy. She is a special duck!!

  13. Gill

    I am a NQT Reception teacher who would LOVE a Daisy plush like the one I used to have as a child for my class… unfortunately as my mother is also an EYFS teacher she has won custody of my Daisy for now! Showing my support for the Daisy plush so my children can adore is as I used to! x

  14. Brittany

    My 2 1/2 year old daughter loves your books! We have rented them over and over from our local library. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

  15. Hannah

    I’ve had my Daisy Duck toy for 16years now and it is my most treasured item I own. I would like you to make a book and toy pack again. So I can get them for the children in my family.
    I got my daisy when I was 3 years old while having many operations and now at the age on 19 she still comes along in my bag when going to hospital 🙂
    Thank you for making such a brilliant character!!

  16. Ronni

    Hi Jane,

    I love, love, love your Daisy books. I teach different grades and read them to the children all the time. I just noticed (after many times reading) that there is a typo in the “Daisy and the Monster” book. On page 7, the word “said” is spelled “siad”. The page reads, “… or hiding with the geese.” “Honk! Honk!” siad the goslings. “Honk!” said Pip. I just thought I would let you know in case this book is ever printed again.

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures and great stories.


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