Original Artwork

Click on these galleries to see their selection of my artwork for sale.

Artwork is also available direct from me. 


4 thoughts on “Original Artwork

  1. Doug Ashcroft

    Hi Jane,

    I have written several children’s stories based on our little dog Paddy.

    However, before I submit to ‘Catchpole’ I would like them illustrated. what can you do?

    If you would like to see a sample(s) I would be happy to send it (them) to you.

    Doug Ashcroft

    1. janesimmons Post author

      Normal practice would be to submit stories without illustrations, unless you illustrate yourself. Mostly your agent or publisher would team you up with an illustrator who’s work complemented your story, if they felt the stories were strong enough for publication.

      Good luck with your endeavours.


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