Before I could walk I was painting and drawing. I was desperate to go to school and cried after my first day, because they hadn’t taught me how to read and write in one day. When I was a child, I painted, drew and wrote all the time as I moved with my family around the world, living in houses, flats and camper vans moving from school to school, sometimes home ed., and back to school again. We always had animals, usually strays we picked up on the way and they were often my closest friends. I have continued to travel, write, draw and paint, always with animals, living in squats, tents, vans and boats. As a mature student I studied a BA in illustration at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge and won the highest awards given in the Macmillan Children’s Book Prize for both my final two years. I had a great success with the DAISY picture books and EBB AND FLO, whose characters were brought to life on television. 

I am now, after many years of living on an old fishing boat with my husband whilst travelling around the Mediterranean(the same one featured in SHIP’S CAT DORIS and EBB and FLO), have settled with three rescued dogs, a horse and 4 donkeys in a barn we’re converting in France.

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  1. Karin Jeuring

    Hello Jane,

    I send you this letter because I am looking for my little neighbour boy of 8 years old, the duck “Bommes”.
    His parents are searching all kinds of websites for the duck, but can’t find it for a fair price.
    The boy has the disease Fragile X syndrom and the duck is very impotant for him.
    His mother always reads the story about the duck before he goes to sleep, but he is missing the duck to cuddle.
    Now I hope you can help me to find the duck for this sweet little boy, so he can sleep with Bommes.

    I apologize for my englisch, tryed to do it as good as posible.

    The best regards,

    Karin Jeuring

    1. janesimmons Post author

      Hello Karin

      I have tried to track down a cuddly Bommes (in UK and US she’s called Daisy), I’d hoped there might be one left over at my Publisher’s, but unfortunately they have all gone and they aren’t in production any more. I’m hoping I can convince them to start making them again next year, but this doesn’t help you even if I can. Hopefully anyone reading this, who has one to spare might help out?

      1. janesimmons Post author

        Hello again Karin. I have just been told that after a long search of their offices, my Publishers (Orchard Books) has found one! Soon as I have her, I shall send her on her way.


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