Ebb and Flo


  1998  Ebb and Flo and the New Friend.

“A beautiful picture book about friendship an learning to share. I particularly liked Jane Simmons’ strong artwork and sympathetic text. This title would be a useful addition to any nursery.” The Bookseller

“Jane Simmons has come up with the delightful adventures of Ebb the dog and Flo the little girl who looks after her. She really is a talent to watch, no doubt about it.” Publishing News

Ebb and Flo are now an animated series for TV and DVD

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2000 Ebb and Flo and the Baby Seal

” Jane Simmons’ expressive paintings, soft focus and muted, but sparked with vivid flourishes, make of it a real adventure and a fine book to read aloud, touched with pathos, joy, danger and resolution.” Books for Keeps

 1999 Ebb and Flo and the Greedy Gulls


  2005 Ebb and Flo and the Sea Monster

“Jane Simmons infuses her textured washes with the warmth of summer nights in Ebb and Flo and the Sea Monster, the fourth adventure of irresistible little Flo and her dog Ebb, an empathetic tale of the fears and delights of a child camping on a beach.” Ebb Flo and the Sea Monster / Sunday Times


3 thoughts on “Ebb and Flo

  1. Hazel

    We have a dog called Ebb, and we have a 2 year old daughter, and we moved onto our boat at the beginning of the winter, hoping to sail away in the spring (after an intensive fit out.) We received Ebb and Flo and the New Friend as a present from our daughter’s Aunty for her 2nd Birthday last week and we love it! Our Ebb growls a lot too! I just had to let you know, you have a new family of fans x

    1. janesimmons Post author

      That’s great, I’m glad you like Ebb and Flo. The series is set around the Fal estuary at Falmouth, where we fitted out our old trawler before we set sail. Many of the ideas for the books came from messing about in a small open boat around the estuary and dreaming of what we would do, when we eventually got our boat ready to go back in the water. Happy sailing!

  2. Revandri Pillay

    We have a dog that looks a lot like Ebb. My. Husband and I used to love watching the Ebb and Flo clips on tv and I now would love to get your books to read to my 1 year old daughter. She would be thrilled to see her freind Zeus in a story book.


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