Ship’s Cat Doris                            2010

Doris is taken from his mother one stormy night, to an old fishing boat in a small Cornish boatyard. This is to be his new home, with the Captain and Boson, a couple of dogs and a chicken. Will he ever fit in with a life on the water?

“How Doris grows up and finds a place in the world is an absorbing and satisfying read and the small black and white illustrations help inexperienced readers along.” – for Ship’s Cat Doris in Carousel

“A charming read.” – SCD / Books For Keeps

“Very appealing” – SCD / Irish Times


Here are some illustrations in the book 

Beryl Goes Wild                           2008

Beryl escapes from a lorry heading to the abattoir, only to be thrown injured and exhausted, into a scary wild world she knows nothing about.
Kooky and totally hilarious – we want more Beryl books, please!” – Beryl Goes Wild / National Geographic Kids

Here are some illustrations from the book.


3 thoughts on “Novels

  1. Alexa Moss

    I love Doris the ships cat and Beryl. Mum and i have read them together about 3 times each. Are you writting another book. From Alexa Moss, sydney, age 7

    1. janesimmons Post author

      It’s great to see you liked reading my books. I am always writing new stories and at the moment I’m working on picture books for younger children. I hope to be writing a new novel soon.


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